Moroni 5-1: Remember Jesus at all times

Posted by on Sunday, May 20, 2012

I read these chapters Saturday night - the day before taking the sacrament. I found that very fitting and it helped me focus a lot more on why we as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints partake of the sacrament every sunday.

We renew our baptismal covenants every time that we partake of the sacrament. Like every covenant there are two parts: what we promise to do and what the Lord will do.

What we promise to do is:

  1. Take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ
  2. Always remember Jesus Christ
  3. Keep the commandments that Jesus Christ has given us
What we get in return is that His spirit will always be with us. 

I noticed that what we promised to do is mentioned in the prayer over the bread. The prayer over the wine (water) mentions that we partake of it in remembrance of the blood Jesus shed and that we always remember him. I think that the Lord does that to drive home a point. We need to remember Jesus in our lives at all times. In both the good and the bad. Thank him for what we have and pray for what we need. If we remember Him and what He sacrificed we will always have His spirit with us.

What I learned that I need to remember:
  1. The blood of Jesus that was shed for me
  2. The body of Jesus that was sacrificed for me
  3. Jesus Christ - at all times

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