5 things I learned from Stake Conference

Posted by on Sunday, September 8, 2013

    Stake Conference was a week ago and I had a lot of good insights from it. Instead of going into detail of each thing that I wrote down I just want to list my favorite things and write why I enjoyed them.

1. The way to live a Christ centered life is by living worthily and rendering service to others. I like this because as we strive to have a Christ centered life we may try and do so many things and in the process lose sight of our real goal. If we are living worthily and rendering service we are living a Christ centered life.
2. The best way to keep my covenants is by reviewing them and renewing them frequently. I like this because covenants are the reason why we can have eternal life. It is a promise with the Lord that if we follow his terms we will be allowed into the Celestial Kingdom. Reviewing and Renewing covenants will remind me not only what I have to do but the promise given.
3. You can’t make a difference in the world unless you are different. I have been thinking a lot about the state of the world and how I want to make this world a better place. The best way for me to start is to start being different than everyone in the world. It reminds me of what Gandhi said “be the change you want in the world.”
4. A marriage cannot fail if both parties are filled with charity. Marriage is the next step in my life. With so many divorces happening it does scare me and make me wonder if I will be able to have a successful marriage. If I and my future partner are filled with charity there is no way that that marriage won’t be successful.
5. Never make a decision that leaves you standing outside of the temple. This is a great quote especially going along with the last one. I need to make sure that everything I do is helping me stand in holy places like the temple.

So that was my favorite things from Stake Conference. I enjoyed how each of these things are very different but all were things that I had been thinking about before conference happened. This also goes to show that the Lord knows me and is aware of my situation in life.

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